Polka Pink Pop out








Hey everyone! As you all know, Kelly’s birthday was on Tuesday! I decided to throw this outfit on to go out for her dinner. I randomly picked out everything I’m wearing. This outfit contains many of my favorite items from my closet. Like my Michael Kors purse that my parents bought me for Christmas. I love it!! So I am really excited about this post. My shirt is from Pulchritude Boutique. Which is an online store owned by my fashion marketing teacher! Hope you enjoy my post!

What I Wore:
Skirt – Francesca’s.
Cheetah belt – Target
Shirt – Pulchritude Boutique
Stockings – Walmart
Booties – Macy’s
Michael Kors Purse
Necklace – Tiffany’s & CO
Rings – Gifted


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