Flirty Friday

Finally a new post from Captured Liger! Well I hope everyone has had a great holiday season and have amazing resolutions for 2012! There’s a lot more to come from Captured Liger, so please visit our blog as we continue to grow with our fashion careers! Today is Friday and I’m feeling like going out on a cute date to the movies or dinner with some girlfriends. I am so in love with this new blazer from Forever 21. I have been wanting it for a while now.. Since my birthday past (Jan.8) I decided to buy it as a gift to myself;D The purse is from a THRIFT SHOP called Reddz. Ring to the left is Forever 21 and right is from H&M. My shirt was a gift from H&M and my new shades from Gap (also a gift). My boots are about 3 years old now and they are still amazing, they are from DSW. I really hope I have inspired you to go out on a cute date tonight. Show them what chu got!!! Thx



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